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French inspirations 2

It is time to say good bye to Holidays and France which already seem a while past. Pity!

Once again, my holiday was spent in La Drôme Provençal. I’m growing tremendously attached to this peaceful French area where you can dwell amidst lavender fields and rose vineyards in peaceful historic villages with winding lanes, plane trees which give shade and in pretty limestone houses with blue shutters.



During the quieter moments of my holiday I celebrated the beautiful blue of Provencal shutters by making a little bag to hold cut lavender. This isn’t a knit -felt project but it is a pretty pattern to add to my bag-making repertoire.

I chose to knit it in Debbie Bliss Eco baby cotton in a pleasing but slightly demanding herring bone slip stitch. The stitching pattern is soon mastered but goes on a bit. This is a charming Louisa Harding pattern shown on the front page of her book Knitting Little Luxuries but being executed by me in sky blue. IMG_1232-0.JPG

If you follow the pattern, it has a very pleasingly neat fold effect at the bottom.


All in all it was a fun knit.

To really capture my holiday I would have to stitch it with flowers reminiscent of these local light purple thistles.


I plan to line it in indigo dyed batik fabric and to pad the lining.

It is a shame I forgot to cut some lavender from outside the front door before I left because that is what I intend of use it for.


Since I got back I’ve been in hospital for a small operation which went well.
Now I can look forward to the autumn which for me is about learning and new activity. I always like to explore a bit of something new at this time of year. After all it is the time of new text books and you never ever forget that smell of newness and anticipation, even as an adult.

This year I am intending to join the Terraccotta pottery class at Watts gallery. I want to learn to make, fire and glaze small terraccotta pieces like decorative buttons and toggles.

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