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Japan meets Africa

Whilst I am trying to cope with the heat, I’m still being inspired by african fabrics and taking a holiday from my beloved felt. And for those of you who wanted to know the name of the source of these lovely batik fabrics in the UK here is the link.

 The African fabric website

The whole point of experimenting in something different, as well as to play with new textiles, was to learn a little about stitching and quilting so I could incorporate it into my felting. The current project in hand is to make a set of six table mats in three compatible designs of batik fabric.

At the moment I am having a go at Sashiko stitching to see what it can add. This simple approach to decorative hand stitching using a running stitch in a contrasting thick cotton thread comes from the Japan. It appeals to my desire for simplicity and something which is easy to pick up and put down. It is usually stitched onto a thickish cotton fabric and most commonly onto indigo cottons. It seems to work best when the fabric is also either padded or quilted. In that respect, it is a simple hand quilting method. The stitching style is perfect to use with felt and the simple design motifs typically incorporated also cry out to be put into felt.

For the moment, I am busy stitching round the daisies, snails and turtles on my African batik table mats.

Although quilting is becoming immensely popular again, Sashiko materials are not everywhere available in the UK. The best sources are the following.



This website provides information

Studio Aika

And look out for books etc by Susan Briscoe

You don’t need much but it helps to have the right needles and thread! Using a longer than average needle with a large eye is essential. The rest is up to your own creativity! My work leaves a lot to be desired as yet!

 My husband says he prefers my felt work. I can see his point but I am quite fond of these.







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