Principally felt

experiments in life, decorative felt, nuno, knit felt and mosaic

Rosie’s cushion

Having finished this I have some plans for the year ahead.

To simplify my site. It has got over-weighted. Too many words. Too complex a structure.

To work up to my first craft fair next winter. I have already enlisted two helpers.

To try some new techniques including incorporating Sashiko stitching and making items which combine differing textile components.

To experiment with silver clay.

To improve my photography . My site is partly about ‘play’. It also comes from a delight in the visual aesthetic. Having always in my life used too many words I desire less, as more.

To the many people whose creative blogs have given me immense pleasure, thank you for a world once unknown and a shared journey with felt.

It is possible Principally Felt will now go through a metamorphosis but there is always something ……

And the new year always links back to the old even as we look forward.

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