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Finishing Works

I haven’t posted for a while because life has been quite challenging. But I’ve just sorted a few difficult issues like funding and buying a new wheelchair and in celebration I decided it was time to have a clean sweep and finish a number of projects left on the back burner so that I could give a few as gifts and start afresh with the new year.

A week of hard crafting labour was very rewarding.

I started with some Christmas bits to get me in the mood.

A quick felted piece – a fun little felt gift purse made from alpaca, merino, different silk additions and metallic stitching to fill with chocolate coins as a stocking gift.



Then some felt stars to decorate a rather plastic imitation birch tree.




But I did get the serious projects done too. More about that shortly.

I’m not displeased. I love Christmas. Enjoy yours!

One comment on “Finishing Works

  1. zedster66

    Very nice, Liz! I love the colours and textures on the purse flap šŸ™‚

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