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experiment in green texture



Whilst working up to a big project I am concentrating on the finishing of a few small pieces I’ve had around for a while. Following my gauzy ribbon and scrim post I decided to experiment with more extreme textures. I took a small piece of felted knitting and cut it into worm shapes. I used these and some specs of the same to embellish some wool tops laid out to felt. 20140124-185318.jpg

Next I added some bits of Wensleydale lock and some turquoise scrunched up silk hanky ‘flowers’. 20140124-185342.jpg 20140124-185352.jpg I covered the piece in green net. The effect of the net is to ‘hold’ the fibres but it also has a distancing effect. I then decided, after all, to place some of the decoration above the net. 20140124-185404.jpg It didn’t look very promising at wet stage. 20140124-185412.jpg To finish I backed it in an old piece of green and blue flowered silk and edged it in a lime green gauzy ribbon.  

The above photo isn’t very focused but it does show the effect of the net. The resulting study in green texture had something. My husband and I happened to bump into a walled area in Wiltshire recently which makes use of the the architectural feature vermiculation. ‘Wormy’ in other words!!!! This textile has the same effect. But, most of all, to me it conjures the lush green textiles of 18th century foppish fashion with echoes of the nets, wigs, powders, patches of fops gossiping in a ladies salon.


It wasn’t a big enough piece to put to much use, alone but I think it will make a good needle case and here is the perfect button for it.

2 comments on “experiment in green texture

  1. zedster66

    Wow, that looks great, Liz, the texture is really impressive! I still get amazed how different a felt piece is when it’s dry compared to wet, and suddenly the embellishments and textures come to life šŸ™‚

  2. lizseville

    Thanks Zed. I enjoyed that piece no end. But it was the finishing which brought it to life.

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