Principally felt

experiments in life, decorative felt, nuno, knit felt and mosaic

my garden

A pigeon nearly walked through the door yesterday…..

A new family of blue tits have appeared in the garden….

Jonathan rescued a baby frog from the watering can……

The fox cub hasn’t been seen for a while now..nor his mother.

The young crow family, thankfully, gave up doing bombing flight practice in full cry and migrated to the tall trees..

The squirrel who used to do gymnastics on the rose arch seems to be missing..

Two baby mice played in the sun on the patio for hours with no sense of self preservation…

My ever faithful robin friend has a second..

These are the tales of my garden.

This, our truly urban paradise, would win no awards for horticulture. Plants which others would declare to be weeds are allowed to self seed and flower alongside the cultivated. It is a gardening democracy.

But we have bees and butterflies and an ever surprising relationship as observers of urban nature.

It is just the most beautiful place in the world this summer.





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