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for the love of Birmingham and pineapples

Birmingham can be very beautiful. Here are some of the things I love about it.





The light



In the meantime I am a bit frustrated. The weather isn’t quite getting there. Give me something I can go out in. Call THAT ‘the hottest day of the year’.

And I seem to have been knitting this for a long time.


The dark green finishing band seems to go on and on. This bag is now nicknamed Pineapple Poll (see post below) and she needs to be finished soon, partly for a birthday present and also because I am itching to get onto the next thing and to see her felted and finished.


But I have enjoyed knitting it. I think the patterning does somehow remind me of a pineapple. Odd how that happened as I went along! I hope it isn’t ruined at the felting stage.

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