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silk on silk stole

Well yes I am quite pleased with this. It needs a bit more work on the back but this is more like it. a stole made with silk backed with wool and decorated with randomly applied hand-dyed silk hankies.


It is still a pre-felt really but working a larger object was hard for me to handle so I am gathering strength to finish it having had a very rough week. Given the shrinkage factor it might become a smaller scarf or a runner.


By the way, WordPress is driving me mad because it keeps publishing things when I mean them to be drafts so if you have been frustrated by my incomplete blogs I am sorry.

But if anyone else is interested in this strange art of felt making you might like to take a look at Silversoles the website of Emma Jackson who taught me the basics of this art but who is herself a Master craftswoman and makes amazing and beautiful tactile things. I owe her a lot for the therapeutic aspect of still being able to do something creative. Nowadays I think about what I can try each day while you lot think about what you have to do at work!

Anyway Emma teaches textiles at the Midlands Art Centre and works with felt, batik and many other textile arts. I’m hoping I can find the stamina to get to one of her open workshops soon so she can teach me the art of embellishing.

And as I think we need another distraction I am thinking of buying tickets for Medea at Warwick Arts Centre. This is a modern production which promises well. Failing that it will have to be James Bond. Or, maybe both?


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